SS-Työstö has a range of innovative sheet metal processing and handling machinery which are shown on this page. In addition to our standard products, we also do various projects providing effective solutions that are customised according to the customers needs – from estimating, designing and manufacturing to delivery, installation and aftercare. 

Based on the skillset in design we’ve developed machinery that ensures the success of your company whether you’re looking to expand, increase efficiency or just need a specific quality decoiler or a roll former.

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An automatic decoiler system designed for an efficient sheet metal production.


For different purposes – stackable space savers, heavy hydraulic decoilers or specific marginal needs.

Roll forming machines

Fast manufacturing of different shape profiles with the cartridge principle.

Stiffening profile machines

For air-conditioning components & ducts and building materials stiffening.

Coil packing line

A corner protection machinery as a part of a fully automated coil packing line.

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