Roll forming machines

We’ve manufactured a range of roll forming machines for different shape profiles using the cartridge principle. The machine consists of a separate plate structured lower frame and a roll forming path (cartridge) mounted on the lower frame. All connections are tightened with screws.
The cartridges can be built on top of each other so that multiple profiles can be made on the same machine.

On this page you’ll see some examples of the machinery. Contact us for more information or request a custom made roll former.

Here you can download example profiles that we’ve already made.

Shadow rolls shape

SSRK 2500

– Coil width 610 mm
– Seam height 27mm
– 7 pairs of rollers
– Coil length adjustment via switch
– Manual operation and “automatic drive” for the adjustment switch
– Coil cutting with a hand cutter (arch type)
– Machine length without the decoiler 3000 mm
– Length with the decoiler 4000-5000 mm.
– Max. width 1200 mm
– Power 1,5 kw
– New weight approx. 550 kg

– Set of ‘shadow rolls’
– Decoiler

Profile shape (same for all machine types)




The cutter is at the end of the machine, which guarantees a consistent line quality. The cutter cuts a small piece in between so that the cutting mark is neat.

SSRK 4000 Super

Powerful and long roofing profile machine for demanding industrial use.

– Coil width 610 mm
– Seam height 27 mm
– 10 pairs of rollers
– The number of pieces and length are programmed, all functions manually
– Hydraulic cutter
– Max. speed approx. 40 m/min
– Length without the decoiler 4600 mm
– Max. width 1200 mm
– Weight 1600 kg
– Power 3 kw + 1,5 kw
– ‘Shador rolls’ 450 mm wide

The finishing set of the rolls can be used to fine-tune the angles of the seams to the desired length.


More examples of roll forming machines

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