Experienced machinery company specialized in roll forming lines

Providing the most durable machine building solutions and equipment for the manufacturing industry with over 25 years of expert experience.
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Expertise in roll forming & decoiler machinery

“Strong values based on a family business creates a foundation that our partners can trust now and in the future”
– Seppo Sagulin, Founder

Sagulin is a knowledgeable machine building company specialized in roll forming lines, with over 25 years of experience.

Roll forming and decoiler solutions

Explore our roll forming and decoiling solutions. We can flexibly deliver roll forming lines, systems, or individual devices, tailored to your specific needs.

In addition to complex roll forming machines and decoiling systems, we supply smaller decoilers and devices directly from our stock.

Specific machinery solutions

Executing demanding machine building projects in the hands of skilled experts ensures a durable outcome.

We are known for our reliability, innovativeness and the care of our many long-term customers.

Reliable service throughout the product lifecycle

Our service follows a clear process, backed by an extensive experience.

1. Evaluation

Our experts will review your needs and the quality of the project with you.

2. Proposal

You will receive a proposal and preliminary plan complete with costs and timelines.

3. Planning

We finalize the plan based on the preliminary plan and proposal.

4. Manufacturing

We manufacture the machines and equipment according to the agreed schedule.

5. Delivery & assembly

We work closely with you during the delivery and installation process.

6. Maintenance & upkeep

We ensure the availability of spare parts and maintenance, as well as product warranty.

Revolutionary machinery
since 1994

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“Strong values based on a family business creates a foundation that our partners can trust now and in the future”  – Seppo Sagulin, Founder

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